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The Akhal-Teke is a horse breed from Turkmenistan, where they are a national emblem. The breed is one of the oldest horse breeds known. The Akhal Teke came to the United States in 1979.  There are currently only about 400 registered Tekes in North America.

The Akhal Teke horse is a most unusual and incredible breed,. They have a reputation for speed and endurance, and intelligence.  Their hair is very fine and skin thin as one would expect of a horse of the desert. They have a metallic, golden tone to their coats, like a bronze horse sculpture come to life. In 2013, an Akhal Teke was chosen as the most beautiful horse in the world.  These tough and resilient horses are adapted to severe climatic extremes and the harshness of Turkmenistan lands with their endurance and resistance to heat way beyond the norm.

This has also made the horses good for sport. The Akhal-Teke, due to its natural athleticism, can be a sport horse, good at dressage, show jumping, eventing,racing, and endurance riding. Their unique action is highlighted by strength, smoothness and a carriage of elegance.  Their superb natural movement,the soft elastic walk, and that gliding over the ground at a trot, with legs being moved from the lower joints  makes them stand out in modern classic events and of course in dressage. They virtually slide over the ground with great flowing movement, yet no swinging of the body.

The Akhal Tekes are in demand as a jumper. With such elasticity and such a powerful spring, there is no question they can almost fly as they jump. The breed is supreme among the sporting horses of its homeland and has proven to be highly competitive internationally.

Purebred Akhal-Teke (Fakirpelvan line) stallion.

• Registered with Akhal-Teke Association of America AAKT 380.

• Rare breed; only Akhal Teke stallion at stud in Southern California.

• Smoky Black  (genotype: aaEeCrcr)  able to produce cream dilute foals (50% chance single dilute from solid mares, 50% chance single dilute/25% chance double dilute from single dilute mares, 50% chance single dilute/50% chance double dilute from double dilute mares).

• Started under saddle as a 3 year-old and anticipating a career in jumping.

• Star studded show horse qualities. Breed a show horse, sport horse, endurance horse. Add endurance to your    sport horse by cross-breeding to an Akhal Teke.

• Well balanced conformation.

• Intelligent and sensible.  Sweet temperament.

• First crop to be born 2016.

• Introductory stud fee for 2016:$750 for Akhal Teke mares,$650 for non Teke mares.  

Live cover or shipped semen available.

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