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Ato Horses

Athanatoi Horses AKA ATO HORSES

Stallions at Stud

THE HIPPOI ATHANATOI (ATHANATOI HORSES) were the immortal horses of the Greek gods. The majority of these divine steeds were offspring of the four Wind-Gods who themselves were said to draw the chariot of Zeus in the shape of horses.

In the spirit of these divine creatures, our goal at ATO Horses is the development of balanced, strong, and sound horses that possess grace, stamina and endurance, speed and power to dominate any equine discipline they are selected and trained for.  

We strive to maximize the connection between human and equine partner by breeding sport horses with a ‘good mind’.  

A close friend once told us:  “If you don’t rescue, don’t breed!”  Our rescue efforts started before we ever embraced the concept of breeding horses for any purpose.  Our oldest equine resident is a Thoroughbred gelding  who is approximately 40 years of age.